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Leon's Art Gallery

We like to introduce Mr. Leon, a Painter and Sculpturer, who is trying to not only make us aware of his art,
but his philathropic endevours, providing some of his profit for humanitarian to the people of  Venezuela


Painting/Pintura: Trabaja-Dora
This Oil/Oleo presents us,
with a worker called Dora.

Painting/Pintura: Personaje Citadino

This Oil/Oleo shows us,
a personality called Citadino.


Painting/Pintura: Mandela

This Oil/Oleo demonstrates
celebrity Nelson Mandela.

Painting/Pintura: Steve Jobs

A controvercial presentation of Steve Jobs,
Microsoft Founder and Philanthropist.
Painting/Pintura: M. Gandhi

A beautiful representation of Muhamand Ghandi, India's star Prime Minister and world personality.
Sculpture/Escultura: Simon Bolivar

A stoning figure of the South American Liberator

Please, call (703) 608-4731 for any questions, comments, or requests

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