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Information Systems

Our firm is an Evolutionary System supporting your needs with paradigm products and services. 

Our goal is to provide your business with competitive advantages

1. Local Network Installation for Small Business: 1 Floor with 25 computer stations (workstations additional). 1 Printer server, 3 Windows Small Office Servers (Network, Mail, Internet), 3 Satellite offices w/ Linksys Routers @ (cables, wifi), other equipment according to arquitecture (traning laboratory, case workers, accounting section, POS, etc.)
a. Installation = $25,000
b. Maintenance = $5,000.00 / Month
c. Repairs = as covered by warranty
Consulting requires a $1000.00 minimum good towards any plan.
2. Internet access configuration, other web services, according to contract.
Five page standard to as many as requierd. Special for small business. A very good price. Macromedia Dreamweaver, Visual Studio and more.
3. Security Camera Installation:
a. 1 - 2 cameras = 500.00.00
b. 4 cameras = $1000.00
c. More than 4 cameras = $250.00 per camera, includes remote monitoring through Internet, etc.

In the D. C. Metropolitan Area call: 703-608-4731

International Services (Spanish, Portugues)

Look Out for our office in David, Chiriqui! Right between South and Central America for your travel needs. We have an office which will support that city with Internet and other computer support services, as well as, Guided Tours, etc.
La oficina en David, para los que viajan por alla, estudiantes, o personas con intereses personales o de negocio. 
Tenemos terrenos, pinturas, lugares donde descansar, computadores y mucho mas para individuos, a el por mayor. 
Necesita access por Internet, equipo de computadoras, reparacion de computadoras, o interesados informacion de
su medio ambiente informativo? Esta oficina le provee con la respuesta correcta para con su curiosidad a la informatica o de negocios. Clases de Informatica dedicado para sus necesidades. Como usar el cybernet, computadora, o programas?

Para mas informacion pase a nuestra pagina "Contact Us" o llame a (703) 608-4731 en Alexandria en USA. O, pregunte por Ingrid en la oficina en David, Chiriqui (507) 6289 9856 Whatsapp, y su fojo es (507) 730-5238.
Recuerda que tambien podes poner mensajes en face: https://www.facebook.com/MemoBulfurull

Para reparaciones o mantenimiento de equipos comprados en nuestra oficina en David, Chiriqui llame a esta oficina.

LLamanos !

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