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Paradigm Education

Our firm is an Evolutionary Educational System supporting your needs with paradigm products and services.

Training schedule and related links.
We are happy to provide your business with the best training available on any of the five areas of computing.

"Internet Site Administration, Local Area Network Administration, Web Page Development,
Database Development, and Language"s

Schedule 2023

"We are having Spanish classes since 2002"

Dates Courses Location
24 hours course on what computers, networks, and systems can do for you and how to get it done.

Room 100


24 hrs course on the relationships of a Local Network and/or the Internet.
Room 102 (Lab)
07/01/2023- 09/30/2023
24 hrs course on "how to make a web page and how to publish it"
Room 102 (Lab)
10/01/2023- 12/30/2023
Introduction to Database Development and Network Implementation, with Project
24 hrs course on "how to make a database and how to implement it"
You must have completed previous classes before you can take this one

Room 102 (Lab)

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